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Our 44th Year!

The Rocky Mountain AMC Club has a long and rich history in the State of Colorado. It was started in 1977 by two local Denver residents as an official chapter of The Classic AMX Club, International. At that time, the name was The Rocky Mountain AMX Club and it was just for the lovers of the two-seat sports car from AMC who reside in the beautiful mountainous state of Colorado.

In the early 1990s, The Rocky Mountain AMX Club, still going strong decided to broaden its scope and take in members with interests in all AMC cars from 1955 to 1987. This included Rebels, Ramblers, Americans, Classics, Javelins, Hornets, Gremlins, Concords, Spirits, Eagles and AMC Jeeps. This expansion more than doubled the size of the club overnight to over 50 people. Over the years, the club has produced a small, local newsletter to inform the Colorado membership of hobby news and events on the local, regional and national level. They have also put on a local Show and Shine every year in the Denver area and even has hosted an AMC national event four times. We are a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation. Our charter states that we are here to help anyone interested in the preservation and restoration of any AMC car.

Many in The Rocky Mountain AMC Club are into the high performance AMC cars. Stock, Custom or modified cars. Some have been involved with track racing, some drag racing , some no racing at all. Membership ranges from blue collar folks to professional people from all walks of life in the state of Colorado. It is a pleasant mixture of people and the AMC cars they enjoy, however they enjoy them. Some members restore the cars stock, some customized. All of these people and their AMC cars enjoy the hobby from racing, to just showing to just driving--AMC cars. This club is all AMC, and only AMC.

More than a dozen of our local members have had their AMC cars featured nationally in books, magazines, on trading cards and in calendars. Two beautiful AMC cars that were featured on the cover of a recent AMC musclecar book are owned by local clubmembers. And many have AMC cars that are serious national trophy winners and excellent examples of show quality restorations. And our members are always having fun restoring or racing new AMC cars to the area.

The Rocky Mountain AMC Club is now a local chapter of AMCRC. We are an open group of friendly and helpful AMC collectors who would welcome you to join them by filling out an application and sending it in. You will get help, information, guidance and have a heck of a good time from your fellow Rocky Mountain AMC Club members. There are monthly meetings, but you certainly are not at all obligated to attend. But, you can now and then just to keep in touch and associate with your friends in Colorado. For those outside the Denver Metro Area, you can do your own thing and contact local members when you want - or need help. No obligation to come to town for anything, except, maybe the fun events and get-togethers the Rocky Mountain AMC Club puts on in the spring, summer and fall. You will get a local, monthly newsletter that is the best one the local club has ever had. It is fun, informative, witty, very well written and lets you know what is going on on the local level. You have all the help, the friendship and some AMC Good Times, all by being a member of The Rocky Mountain AMC Club. Try us. You'll LIKE US!

Host of the AMCWC National Convention in 1999, 2001, 2004, and the AMCRC National Convention in 2013. Denver, Colorado

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